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Used as a flexible, long lasting and cost effective covering system for ships decks, patios and specialised outside flooring. Can be manufactured colourless or to any colour and can be made to look like a perfect wood finish, anticorrosive, anti-slip finish by scattering quartz sand or corundum.


Can be used in industry and the home .

fakodec 300 RAL colours Part 1 & 2

Self-levelling, flexible, long lasting  anti-corrosion​ two components covering for all outdoor steel, alloy and cement surfaces.

  • solvent free

  • fill with quartzsand or lightweight filler

  • any RAL colour possible 

  • anti-slip finish with quartz or corundum

Long lasting and weather proof 

fakodec 300 Grout Effect Part 1 & 2

Two components joint sealing compound based on polyurethane resin, applied as a filling effect, for a perfect look like wood fakodec. ​

  • handy small size 

  • solvent free

  • for steel, alloy and cement sufaces    

  • any RAL colour possible

Long lasting and weather proof

fakodec 90 Part 1, 2 & 3

Flexible anti-corrosion 3 components polyurethane covering for   all outdoor steel, alloy and cement surfaces.


  • resin-based mortar - repair and levelling compound

  • colourless base covering

  • RAL coloured covering

  • solvent free

  • mixed with fako- PU filler

Long lasting and wheather proof.

fakodec Primer SF Part 1 & 2

two components primer based on polyurthane resin 

  • solvent free

  • primer coat on alloy or galvanized steel

  • primer coat for different fakodec components

fakodec waterborne primer

Aqueos dispersion based on acrylic resin for all fakodec coverings 


  • primer coat for galvanized metal

  • primer coat for decks covered with zincic primers

  • precoat for all cement surfaces

  • precoat for old undersurfaces needing filling