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Used in the Yacht  & shipbuilding industry as well as where construcition requires special adhesives.

Our innovative adhesives are developed and tested for use where fire retardent specification is required on such things as insulation on ships. Steering wheel accredited our 9119 and 9119 Xtra are used extensively within the shipbuilding process.

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fako® - Glass Adhesive No. 9119

fako® -. fiberglass adhesive No. 9119 is a solvent-free plastic dispersion adhesive, which is characterized by high elasticity.

A one-component adhesive is set thixotropic in nature.


fako® -. glass fleece adhesive No. 9119 is used for the bonding of glass fibre fabric on the mineral wool in the pipe and surface area, and used to manufacture a glass cloth cover on rubber products.(z. B. Armaflex)


Certificates & test reports

  • wheelmark

  • IMO FTPC Part 5 for flammability

  • WIWEB approval


Container size plastic buckets of 10 kg

Used extensively by marine installation companies throughout Europe 

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