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Born out of Hanseatic Tradition striving to Innovation

fako® has been supplying the aero , motor and marine industriesfor over 80 years. Originally the company was known as Curt Kopperschmidt Farben-Lack- and Kunstofffabrikation (colour, paint and plastics manufacturing) abbreviated to fako. In 1986 the polishing, adhesives and corrosion protection division was acquired by Mr Heinrich A Anton, who rebranded the company into fako®. From 2015 on fako GmbH supplied acrylic polishing pastes, fire and non fire retardant adhesives, rubber sealing tapes and compounds to well known aero, car and ship manufacturers as well as many more household names. fako® recently made their products available to retail sales so that the householder can use industrial strength, proven, products safely in their homes, boats , caravans and even classic cars. 

In 2014 CBG Composites GmbH  takes over the premises and till then continues the core business with glass laminates. Now starts the development of the innovative fire-resistant composite sandwich panels on the basis of basalt fiber for use in various industries, including shipbuilding, automotive and construction industries. Ever since we do supply worldwide, e.G. Germany, USA, Canada,China, Morocco, Russia.

premises at Wipperfürth back then ...

Founded in 1920 premises staid family owned till 1968 Bisterfeld & Stollting, in 1968 ownership changes to 

Polyclad Europe GmbH, starting production and sales of glass fiber laminate plates for the electronic industry and 

household appliances. In 2006 premises were taken over by Preiss-Daimler-Group, who now produces epoxy resin impregnated grid laminate as a reinforcing material and flow aid for wind turbine blades of the wind farm Siemens Wind Power as well as many more wind power names.

... today's plant of CBG Composites GmbH at Wipperfürth

Recent additions to our products are fire resistent panels like SeaPan® and FirePan®, Basaltfibre products, FireStop® fire protection impregnation and fire resistant adhesives (A1) as Cerrammatrix® (white or black coloured) and FibreMatrix® filling mass, as well as all known fako® products as fako® glass fibre adhesive 9119 Xtra, a special flame retardant adhesive for marine installations, fakopol®, Plexiklar  and fakodec, a polyurethane protecting covering that can be applied on boat decks,balconies and outside decking areas, giving a tough and waterproof finish. 

The company TÜV SÜD QM system certified to the international standard ISO9001:2015 and has been awarded the wheel mark for its shipbuilding products marked accordingly.